Mirage Organization Policies

              Amended by Dave Bornstein, Jason Langhans, Jon Moreau, and McKenna Driscoll
August 11, 2021 

1.  Once a player has accepted an offer to play on a Mirage team, a non-refundable payment is due.  The amount and deadline is up to the coach.

2.  If requested, a young sister may play on the same team with her older sister in a higher age bracket if she is accepted following a tryout with the older team.  If she is not accepted on the older team, the player may return to her original team.

3.  The Mirage organization encourages continuity by having players remain within their appropriate age level.  However, if a player requests a move into a higher level, the request must be made to the Board and receive the approval of that coach and the Board.  This policy does not apply to players who are invited to play on the Mirage Gold team.

4.   Seniority is defined by how many years each player on a specific team has in the organization added up, and then divided up by how many players are on that team.

5.   If there is more than one team at an age level, the team with the highest value based on the above seniority formula will have the first pick at a tryout and then alternate picks will follow.

6.   If a player who left the organization wishes to return, she must submit an explanation to the Board why she left and why she wishes to return.  Her request will be heard by the Board which will determine which team she can return to.

7.   When a team has up to 12 players, each player is required to receive two starts with DH, Flex, AP, and EP considered a start.  This policy does not include pitchers.  Exceptions are:

-disciplinary reasons

-a reduction in the Saturday schedule
-a player arriving late
-a player leaving early
-more than 12 players on a team
Note:  This policy does not apply to teams participating in showcase games, where, because of the dynamic and objective of such games, there is no mandatory start policy.
8.  Any controversial incident or disciplinary measure involving coaches, players. opposing players, umpires, parents, and/or fans must be reported to the Director by the head coach within 24 hours.

9.  The Mirage organization allows for coaches who do not have daughters on the team to be compensated for their hotel room and gas money for out-of-state tournaments, and the parents are to be informed of this policy at the initial parent/payer meeting.

10. The Board is comprised of the head coaches and one Mirage non-coach, all of whom will vote on any policy, request, or proposal. Any of the former that needs to be voted on cannot include the coach of the team that the issue involves.  Any ties are resolved by the vote of the Director who is also a Board member.

11. Whereas we regard loyalty very important to any Mirage player, just as they have the right to explore other options for their travel team, any Mirage coach can/will exercise the same right to exclude any current Mirage player on their team who he or she deems inappropriate to the team’s goals and objectives.  Also included is the right for coaches to not invite back any player whose parent(s)  demonstrate inappropriate or disruptive behavior and thus interferes with the team’s goals and objectives.

12.  Any individual wishing to head or assistant coach in the Mirage organization must submit a resume to the Board which will be followed by Board vote to determine whether he/she should be appointed as head or assistant coach.

13. An individual cannot coach in the Mirage organization unless he/she passes a background check conducted by USA softball.

14. If a coach’s background check comes back positive, the individual will meet with the Board which will determine whether the he/she is fit to coach in the Mirage organization.

15. No full or partial refunds will be granted to any player who leaves the Mirage organization during the season for any reason unless at the discretion of the head coach and/or the Board or unless another paying player replaces the departed player.

16. Any violation of a Mirage policy will be reviewed by the Board on a case by case basis and could result in consequences ranging from a reprimand to a suspension to termination of the coach or coaches.

17. Each team will contribute to the General Fund an amount determined by the Board prior to each season which will be used for get well cards, sympathy cards, flowers, edible arrangements, website, etc. for those whom any of those items applies.

18. The present Mirage Director may appoint an assistant Director.

19. The present Mirage Director’s term is indefinite.  Upon his retirement or resignation, he will appoint a new Director.

20. At the conclusion of a team’s final tournament, every player is considered a “free agent.”  Any player may move from one Mirage team to another with the following conditions:
-the coach of the Mirage team the player wishes to move to must accept that player
-the number of players wishing to move from one Mirage team to another is limited to one pitcher and one position player