1. Once a player has accepted an offer to play on a Mirage team, a non-refundable deposit of a minimum of $200 is due one week after the player accepts the offer in order to secure her spot on the team.

2. The Mirage organization encourages continuity by having players remain within their birth year level team. However, if any player requests a move into a higher birth year level team, this request must meet Board approval. This policy does not apply to players who are invited to play on the Gold team.

3. Seniority is defined by how many years each player on a specific team has in the organization added up, and then divided by the number of players on that team.

4. If there is more than one team in an age level, the team with the highest value based on the above seniority formula will have the option of hosting a tournament.

5. When a team has 12 players or fewer available on a Saturday, each player will start at least two games except for:

·         players who pitch in a game on that Saturday:

·         except for injury;

·         except for disciplinary reasons;

·         except for a reduction in the Saturday schedule;

·         except for a player not available at the start time of any Saturday game; or

·         except for a player leaving early on Saturday

If more than 12 players are available on a Saturday, each player will start at least one game on Saturday with an effort being made to administer playing time fairly to each player during the course of the tournament. For each of the above scenarios, a player who is in the line-up as a flex player or a designated hitter is considered a start.


Note: This policy does not apply to teams participating in showcase tournaments, where, because of the dynamic and objective of such tournaments, there is no mandatory start policy.

6. Any confrontational incident or disciplinary measure involving coaches, team members, opposing players, parents, umpires and/or fans must be communicated by the head coach to the Director of the Mirage on the day of or the day following such incident.

7. The Mirage organization allows for the reasonable reimbursement of travel costs by the team and not by the organization for a head coach or assistant coach as approved by the Board who do not have daughters on the team, as long as such allowance is part of the fee structure and communicated to the parents and players up front and before the parents have made any non-refundable deposits.

8. The Board is comprised of five members who will vote on all policies, proposals, and requests presented to them. Any policy, proposal, or request presented to the Board by one of its members will result in that member being excluded from the vote. Any vote that results in a tie will be broken by the Mirage Director.

9. Whereas we regard loyalty to those who have been in the Mirage organization as very important, just as players have the right to explore other options for their travel teams in subsequent years, any Mirage coach can and will exercise the same right not to invite back any player he or she deems inappropriate to their teams’ goals and objectives. Also included is the right for coaches not to invite back any player whose parent(s) demonstrates inappropriate or disruptive behavior and thus interferes with the teams’ goals and objectives.

10. An individual cannot coach in the Mirage organization if he/she does not subscribe to a background check every year. Each coach is required to keep track of such information.

11. If a coach’s background check comes back positive, the director will meet with that individual and, if necessary, the issue will go to the Board.

12. If players from outside the organization try out for two teams within the same birth age group, the coach of the team with the most seniority (see policy#3) gets to make his selection first. The other coach then gets two picks followed by alternating picks by the two coaches.

13. No refunds will be granted to any player who leaves the mirage organization during the season for any reason unless at the discretion of the manager and/or mirage board.

14. Any violation of the Mirage policies will be reviewed by the Board on a case by case basis and could result in consequences ranging from a reprimand to suspension to termination of the coach or coaches.

15. Mirage Board members will serve two year terms. Prospective Board members will submit their names for consideration by the current Board.

16. The current Mirage Director’s term is indefinite. Upon his retirement or resignation, the Board will vote on a new director and his term.